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Let your kids create more, build bigger and go nuts.

A fort, a supercar you can really sit in, a monstrous tyrannosaurus: anything can come to life with Edo.

It’s one simple idea that can be millions of things.

The bricks are pretty tough and solid and they are available in two sizes (plus a junction), giving an ample range of structural combinations for any construction or creation that comes to mind.

The blocks come in the classic cardboard colour (Havana), or Icy White, or even in a mix of 5 bright modern colours.

The bricks can be coloured, sprayed and transformed over and over again to tell countless stories. Special pieces are available, such as eyes for the animals, but the best part is that many add-on pieces can be easily created at home.

Edo can also be functional. The bricks are easily turned into a bookshelf, or a bedside table for the guest room. You can also build the legs for a coffee table to be used with any top and of course you can create other furniture.


Kids can create and play with their own ideas.

That’s why Edo is much more than fun. The possibility to create something that doesn’t exist stimulates imagination and creativity. The dimension of the blocks and the chance to create kid-size buildings develops spatial relation skills as well as socialisation skills. Edo is great to play alone but the creative thought involved is contagious in small and large groups.

Edo is delivered flat and very easy to assemble. Kids from 10 years old can manage it, while we’ve seen that younger children enjoy the time spent assembling them with a parent or a relative.


technical features

Edo is eco-friendly as the blocks are made of recycled cardboard and is 100% recyclable. The colours are non toxic, the cardboard will be FSC certified and we are working to obtain the CE certification.





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